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Creator II
Creator II

cumulative sales, % and rank to perform 80/20 analysis


i have a pivot table in which i show sales per article sorted by value from high to low.

Now i take this list into excel and add the following: (see the attachment)

     -cumulative value

     -cumulative value in % of the total

     -i give a rang number according to the value sold (1= most, 2= second most,...)

     -the % of this rang number of the total number of articles, to have a 80/20  idea

i hope there might be a way to do this directly into qlikview so i don't have to this work every time in excel?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

All these things could be done in qv directly - look at the attachment for cumulative your values. If you sorted your pivot it could reach to use rowno() for ranking but there are also rank-functions available - press F1 and look for rank.

- Marcus