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Creator II
Creator II

diff between dimension limits and rank - largest 10 and rank - see the difference numbers

hi , thanks for your time

I have the below scenario where i am trying to get the top - to test if the expression is working fine i tried to use the dimension limits with largest 10 and i see the difference in rank and the dim limits -


I have the following dimension and the expressions in 2 diff straight tables

st table with dim limits for largest 10

Dimension -

=IF(not ISNULL([Analyst Name]),[Analyst Name],'Exclude Null')


Sum(if(not isnull( [Analyst Name] ) and Action='Opened Report' and REDUCTION='EQUITY',ReadCounter,0)),[Analyst Name]

st table with RANK function

dimension -

=IF(not ISNULL([Analyst Name]),[Analyst Name],'Exclude Null')

Expression -

=IF(AGGR(Rank(Sum({< [Analyst Name] -= {"=isnull([Analyst Name])" }, REDUCTION = {"EQUITY"}, Action={'Opened Report'} >} ReadCounter),4), [Analyst Name]) <=10,

Sum({< [Analyst Name] -= {"=isnull([Analyst Name])" }, REDUCTION = {"EQUITY"}, Action={"Opened Report"} >} ReadCounter),


if i look at the both numbers i thought i would get the same numbers but there is a difference

what could be the reasons - just suggestions on what to look for - really appreciate your time

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

In this case it will likely help if you attach a small sample app with the data model and some data etc., so folks can actually dig into everything more easily to try to help you.

The only other thing I can suggest is checking the Design Blog area on the Community to see if any of the posts there may help get you on the right track:



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