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Creator III
Creator III

how to deploy 4 developer dashboards in one qvw file ?

hi experts,

help this tell me step by step answer.


s reddy.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

What is the error.?

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Personal Edition have limitations. You cant access QVW created by others. Only four times you have permission to view other QVW after that you need Qlikview License.

I got an idea just try like this may be it may work out......Install new one and create data model and develop dashboards in one you have chance to access four times or four QVW everyone suggested copy &  paste the charts from other 3 QVW.

Just give a try, Hope it will help!!

Contributor III
Contributor III

Need to create all sheets by one person in master Qvw file.

Creator III
Creator III

ok - i think I understand - so

1. make all the spreadsheet files and database files (not done before) as qvd files

2.     Then re-do the charts from the other qvw files.

3. be careful with the data model

will be trying all of this in the next week.