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Creator III
Creator III

how to maximzie the main QV app window via macro

h ithere

i have writen a macro to "fitzoomwotwindow" when the document is opend.

my problem is that the QV allways seem to open in a a window that is not maximized to the full

hance my macro does its job alas the size it fits is the size of the reduced window.

i have lookd for an api method to maximize but there wasnt any.

i tried usingthe "resize windos to document" setting in the user prefernces but it didnt help?

any ideas?

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Thanks Miguel.

It worked out fine. I already had the macro working (similar to the one you proposed) and my problem was that QlikView did not opened maximized.

Will it work on a server as well?

I've done basically the same on the QlikView icon installed on the server and it seems to be ok...

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Hi Wizardo,

I had this problem when I wanted to export a dashboard. The QVW-file was full-screen, but the Qlikview application did not start fullscreen. Therefor the export was only the part that was displayed on the screen when qlikview was opened (about a quarter of the screen).

I open Qlikview from a commandline in Windows 7. A possibility to open the application in fullscreen from the commandline is to put 'START /MAX' in from of the command.

The complete commandline therefor is:

START /MAX "c:\program files\qlikview\qv.exe" /l "[name of the qvw-file"

I hope this helps you out.

Contributor II
Contributor II

You need to put some empty quotes in front of the qlikview command line for the title of the window. Then everything worked for me.

START /MAX "" "c:\program files\qlikview\qv.exe /l "[name of the qvw-file"


Great! Thank you!