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issue with Combo Chart Legend

Hi All,

        I have a combo chart and Straight table both displaying using a fast change icon, in my combo chart insisted of default legend i am using an image to display legend ,  when i click on fast change icon the straight table also displaying the legend(image), So how can we hide the legend(image) when we go to Straight table.

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oh i'm not sure i know of a way to figure out which fast change type mode you are in. Maybe replace the fast change type icon with a button to manipulate a boolean variable to show/hide straight vs bar  charts using 2 seperate chart objects (and show/hide the legend in unison) ? 

sorry - its the copout easy answer

Creator II
Creator II

hi AK,

i dont know if there is any direct way to do so, the way you can achive this is by creating 2 different charts(combo and straight table) and 2 buttons to toggle between them, for which you need to create variables to hide and show the chart the same variables can be used to hide and show the legends (image).



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                      Thanks for you suggestions, I have done in the same way, just am checking if there any other way.