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min and max values not coming for an expression.request help please??

Hi all,

Please help me out with below issue.

I have an expression

sum({<cp>}(Nominal_Quantity*asoff_payoff)) which results with series of negative and positive values.

how do I get the min and max of the resultant  values

I tried min(sum({<cp>}(Nominal_Quantity*asoff_payoff)))

(Min(aggr(sum({<callput_type>}(Nominal_Quantity1*asoff_payoff)), market)))  but both of this doesn't work

something like a text box where one could give min value and the other the max value.

I have attached the file for reference.please help!!!!

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Can't you try RangeMin(), RangeMax()?

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thanks for your help

hi I tried total, and it worked.