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not able to open application's some of the tabs in my qlik version

I am trying to open a QVW file in my application that is version 11.20.12451.0 SR7 64 bit. The qvw file has some macro loaded, I assume that could be creating problem. I tried to disable macro but still I am not able to open all the tabs of the QVW in my app. Could you please suggest any work-around. Thanks!

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Go to:

settings -> document properties -> sheets

select the sheet you want to open (it should be hidden) and click properties

then in general tab select show always ....

Let me know

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Thanks for your reply! I tried that before but unfortunately that did not work. In the same application out of 5 tabs, I am able to open 1 tab but not able to open other 4 tabs. Once I click any of those 4 tabs, application shuts down.


did you select this option inside module?



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Thanks Jaime! I tried that but did not work.

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I treid to open the same file on another version of QVW 11.20.12451.0 SR5 64 bit, it opened perfectly. It seems the problem lies with version SR7 that I have. Could you please suggest what I should do in this case? I want to use the file in my version of QVW.


try upgrading to SR8 (the latest release). That may should your issue

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I have tried but seems I still have the same problem. Application shuts down in SR8 as well.