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"Unexpected exception occurred" error


We've been having this error happen quite alot later while using Qlikview in a web browser. Happens alot mostly while using the search box. Once the error pops up and I click okay, it usually keeps popping back up ever few seconds when I click anything else.

Any ideas on what's causing it? I've closed/opened IE numerous times, I've restarted the QV server and it still happens.

Error with Qlikview.jpg

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We have the same issue at a customer on 11.20 SR5.

So far we've encountered the issue in Firefox and Chrome. The problem seems to occur only in a QlikView that reloads every minute and pushes updates to the client.

After the "updating" screen, the client will no longer respond to anything. A page refresh results in the "an unexpected exception occured" error. The only way to get the QV working again is by closing the browser and reloading the page.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Make sure the user have a permission to the model.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Seems no solution has been chosen for this. To solve your issue, delete and recreate your "Current Selections"  box. I should do the job.



Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Had the same issue, it seemed to be related to the web browser set up or configuration for me - by using icognito/private browsing I found that there was a web brower plugin that caused this error on my end.