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Contributor II
Contributor II

sales with corresponding p_id

Hi Experts,

I have below 2 tables tables and the fields common between both tables are-

Product, System, Location, BusinessArea. The row in yellow background is the only row common between both tables.

I will concatenate both tables.


as DataSet

Prouct, System, Location, BusinessArea, Sales,Date
AA, SAP, DE, Manufacturing, 67, 01/01/2017
AA, Oracle, US, IT, 80,05/01/2017
BB, SAP, UK, Accounting, 578, 08/01/2017
CC, IBM, IN, IT, 79, 13/01/2017
DD, MS, US, IT, 969, 18/01/2017
DD, IBM, US, Research, 89, 11/01/2017


as DataSet
P_ID, Prouct, System, Location, BusinessArea
200, AA, PeopleSoft, US, Manufacturing

300, BB, SAP, UK, IT
400, CC, IBM, IN, IT
500, ZZ, Microsoft, FR, HR

My main requirement is to show Sales data in a straight table and its corresponding P_ID(may be in expression).

This above case i assume only P_ID- 400 will be shown in straight table as it is only row common between both tables.

However i want to display other P_ID's that are less common as well if a selection is made. What i mean is, if a user select Product- AA, then show P_ID - 200 along the below rows and similarly if System- SAP is selected by user, show P_ID- 300.

AA, SAP, DE, Manufacturing,

AA, Oracle, US, IT

I am not sure if straight table a good option for my requirement, but if there is better option, please guide me.


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Straight table is enough to show the info that you want, Why do you want to do it harder?

Also, depends of the rest of the dashboard design, maybe if you only wants to show a number, with a KPI (text label) is enough.