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Contributor III
Contributor III


Hi all,

attached is the list of tickets that i am working with

in the table i have given item id 1281197 and 1300038 is raised as critical but now it is now downgraded to medium

so when we extract data the priority of these two tickets will show it as medium ,which is expected ,but i want to create a button or field saying 'Raised as Critical' when i click on that the two item ids have to get filtered.

i think we can do it by using the action on button with select in field but every time when there is an new item that is raised as critical i have to go to the server and takeout the file and add the item to the action so i want to keep it dynamic

is there any way where i add the ticket in some file and the action will read it .and get the item ids that are 'raised as critical'

for item ids which i have said i want to calculate the resolution time

resolution time is the time between createdDateText and the date the item is closed on

for instance lets say i have raised a ticket as critical today and the ticket will be given some workaround and will be degraded to medium

so first i want to calculate the resolution time for ticket even it is not closed we have to calculate the resolution time for this ticket as it is downgraded as medium and now we have to calculate the resolution time for the same ticket which is time between the ticket downgraded time to ticket closing time

if i didnt make sense pls do ask your questions jaganstalwar1krishnacbefranky_h79swuehljackyfish516

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