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show SVN revision number

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a way/best practice to add a SVN revision number to the qlik's dashboard.

Can you please suggest something?

Thank you!

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Probably manually with the current version being maintained in a file:



@1 as SubVersion

FROM svn.txt (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);

let subversion = peek('SubVersion',0);

and then use the variable subversion to display in your application

Hope this helps

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problem here is, that qlik, so said, cleans its -prj directory of all files not created by the program itself when commited from qlik. Another problem is that if I modify loadscript - just revision of LoadScript.xml is changed/injected to it by svn. If I add some component to the dashboard, only that file is injected by new rev. number. Files like AllProperties.xml or DocInternals.xml which ?are commited every time are 'cleaned' by qlik on save too, so no SVN's injection of rev. number can occour in order to maintain a revision number of WHOLE project.

so, this are my main concerns.