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Contributor III
Contributor III

slowly load qvd qlikview

Good day friends, I have this problem. I have been working for the last 45 days with an optimized performance in my prod Serv. (Win 2012 R2 Ver. - Qlikview V12 Nov 2018), but now, every loader that uses QVD files is working very slowly although no changes were made in the structure. Today the process is lasting 200% more than it did before to do the job . I need some suggestions on what to do on my serv for fixing it.


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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Abraham how are you?

Altough the structure does not change, the amount of data is the same? one posibility to check is that for any reason the data increase a lot and that can make that the process to generate and use the QVD consume more time.


Another question, Is the only process that run in the server? check that there is no other Qlik or something else process at the time that you are using and consuming the qvds.


Hope Helps


Former Employee
Former Employee

Abraham, in addition to the other ideas, check the Windows Control Panel Power Options settings on the server, be sure those are set to High Performance, that should help if it is not set to that already.  If the QVD files are located on a file share, check to see if something changed there, as the issue may be the time it takes to open and save things?  About all of which I can think.


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