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.tmp files created but document doesn't save

Hi there,

Has anyone see this problem :

I am trying to save my qlikview document but it doesn't save but everytime I try to save the document I see .tmp files being created in the folder where the file exists.

Also,  I cannot open the tableviewer or reload the document.

The document itself is very simple just an inline table and a simple table created using autogenerate.

Other documents work fine.  So I might just be a case of recreating the document from scratch.



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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi , 

Just asking as to whether this was ever resolved because I am currently having the same issue.

I'm Running around 1000 jobs a day and 10% of them are having this issue , as a sugested work around by qlik i set 2 reties ..but this is not a clean solution ..any ideas?