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Contributor III
Contributor III

top 10 positive top 10 negative values in bar chart

Hi Genuises,

I am using the below formula as dimension and expression in chart

dimension :

=aggr(if(rank(num(Sum({<Description ={'Mubadala Opex'},LABEL={'BudgetUpdated'},YEARID = {$(=YearVariable)}>} AMOUNT*Sign) ,'#,##0;(#,##0)'))<=10

or rank(-num(Sum({<Description ={'Mubadala Opex'},LABEL={'BudgetUpdated'},YEARID = {$(=YearVariable)}>} AMOUNT*Sign) ,'#,##0;(#,##0)'))<=10,DESCRIPTION),DESCRIPTION)

Expression :

=num(Sum({<Description ={'Mubadala Opex'},LABEL={'BudgetUpdated'},YEARID = {$(=YearVariable)}>} AMOUNT*Sign) ,'#,##0;(#,##0)')

and in presentation Tab I am putting max visible number as 20 and checked so others label

Now the problem is when I have 10 positive and 10 negative values in chart Others will show

if lets say I have 10 positive and 5 negative values in chart then others are not showing instead it is clubbing everything as null "-" and displaying it

I want to show it as Others

Please please help I have to move this into production today

Thanks in Advance


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Master III
Master III


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