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Creator II
Creator II

visual cues expression


I have some expressions that figure out some timings, but I really need help with getting some highlight on them...

Op time which sums up all the average op time of each procedure that's  booked into a session.

op time  = Interval(sum( aggr( AvgOp, MPI, AvgOp)),'hh.:mm')

but I need to add 5 minutes turnaround time to each op booked in just to account for any gaps

so my count of ops is: count(EpisodeID)

so I use this to get that into a time plus 5 mins: interval(count(EpisodeID)*5 /24/60,'hh:mm')

then I have session length which is: interval(210/24/60,'hh:mm')

so I was going to use this to total up all the time that will be used in a session:  avg op time plus turnaround time

Interval(sum( aggr( AvgOp, MPI, AvgOp)),'hh.:mm') +interval(count(EpisodeID)*5 /24/60,'hh:mm')

so in visual cues i wanted to highlight areas in red if there is no more space to add any more ops:

but this doesn't work - any ideas?

=if(interval(count(EpisodeID)*5 /24/60,'hh:mm')+ interval(sum( aggr( AvgOp, MPI, AvgOp)),'hh.:mm') > interval(210/24/60,'hh:mm') ,1)

I have all the expressions working separately ok - just cant get the highlight to work



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Try using background expression rather than visual clues


Creator II
Creator II

arhh ok thanks!

why is that then?, definitely works!

thank you!

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Sunny, yet again, you have provided a solution for an issue I was experiencing!!  Don't know what I'd do without you.