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what is different between getpossiblecount and count functions


Somebody can tell What is different between getpossiblecount() and Count() functions?



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Specialist II
Specialist II


Count is normal aggr function, where you can count ant field, like

Count(EmployeeId) it will give you number of employees.

where getpossiblecount() works with selection, when you select a field, you see possible values for that field,

let say you select Department in list box, and on selection of Department you can see how many employees are in selected department, so you can use getpossiblecount() for the counting purpose. it will give you all employee for that selected department.

Hope it helps...

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Hi Loi,

GetPossibleCount works more like a distinct count. It gets the count of possible values of the field.

check the attached QVW for an example.

Former Employee
Former Employee

GetPossibleCount() is exactly the same as Count(distinct total ...). Note the total qualifier - this means that the function isn't sensitive to the dimensional scope. See more on

The GetPossibleCount exists as a "sister" function to GetSelectedCount and GetExcludedCount.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for your comment Henric.

I was struggling to understand the difference between these two functions as I was designing a calculation condition on one of my charts.  I was trying to understand which is the best practice if there was in fact a difference between these two functions.

As always, your posts help bring clarity when I'm a bit confused on something Qlik related.  Have a nice weekend!


-Ken Krehbiel