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where can i download latest version of QVD Dictionary tool?

Where can i download latest version of QVD Dictionary tool? I have QVD Dictionary V2.


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Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Suzanne,

Here is the download page,


Note: I have tried to download but there is a message "This directory does not yet contain any files".

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed


My apologies for the download link not working. I'm in the process of moving all of my download from robwunderlich.com to qlikviewcookbook.com. QVD Dictionary is not yet available because it has some bugs. I'm working on it and expect it to be available on QlikviewCookbook.com soon.

In the meantime I suggest the Governance Dashboard as an alternative for the functionality of QVD Dictionary. I understand QVD Dictionary is more developer focused and so I plan to update it.


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Thank you Rob


Hi,  I was looking at your site regarding the QVD Data Dictionary.  I'm not finding it in the download.  Is the tool still available as I'm looking for a QVD dictionary tool that shows lineage and dependency, etc... One tool I did find Is unable to read my folder structure at the sub level.

Thanks for any updates.


I don't publish the QVD Dictionary tool anymore. I now use NodeGraph for lineage.



Hello Rob,

We are looking for a Data Lineage and governance tool for our Qlik Sense Implementation. I would seek your opinion/advise on NodeGraph features you like and use cases you would be aware of at a very high level.



- Eager to learn n grow,


I like the field level lineage of NodeGraph.  Very easy to select any field and see the entire lineage, including sql and script statements that transformed the data.  So when someone asks "where does this field come from / how is it computed?" the answer is instantaneous.   Beautiful and easy to use interface as well.  The one-click documentation feature for an application is also very cool.

Use cases:

- Documenting and explaining lineage to users and auditors.

- Change analysis. If I change this DB, what apps and scripts will be affected?

- Compliance -- is a production app using a test data source?

- Operational efficiency analysis. Am I generating QVDs that no app is consuming? Are there redundancies in my workflow?

I'd be happy to talk more about NodeGraph. You can reach out to me at https://panalyticsinc.com/contact/