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wrong total sums in chart


i have a chart and one expressions looks like this: avg(Versand_Dat.VERSADAT) - min(Artikelstamm.WE) for eacht row in the chart the result is right but the total sum in the pivot table is incorrect. I kind of understand why but I don't know how to solve it? I posted a screenshort as an example. in the screenshot you can see that the total sum is incorrect it should be the average of all the other values

can someone help me?



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A pivot table will always use expression total as total mode. You might want to look into the HELP, sum-of-rows in pivot tables using advanced aggregation.

Something like

=sum( aggr( avg(Versand_Dat.VERSADAT) - min(Artikelstamm.WE), DIM1, DIM2, DIM3))

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I read this already....the problem is that we have a dynamic chart. we are using conditions for the dimensions! and in total I think we have 20 dimensions

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how can I do this in a dynamic chart???