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1 dimension in 2 arms of star/snowflake

Gentle and wise Qlik experts,

Please will you help with the small conundrum that I have as it is not processing in my mind:

I have a schema that works for identifying which components of a system are related to the others... Hardware, Database, SW, to Business Application where:

     Application has 1 or many SW

     SW has 0, 1 or many HW (as HW1)

     SW has 0, 1 or many DB,

     SW has 0, 1 or many related SW (as SW2)

     DB has 1 or many HW as well (identified a HW2 - this may also have been identified in as a HW1)

A simplified view of the relationships as a table (without having to draw a snowflake diagram) 




Each SW, HW type and DB type has a cost, which I join to or duplicate for the SW, SW2, HW1, HW2 and DB attributes tables

Just using the HW as an example:

The issue that I have is that in order to view/report the apportioning (% cost) HW cost to the Applications I have to find out which Application a HW1 or HW2 is assigned to - easy so far, but I can not double count that HW where it appears as both HW1 and HW2 => case above where STV12 is both HW1 and HW2.

Any suggestions of how to have a table below? as HW column pulls from 2 branches of the snowflake :

HWCost for HW TypeAmount to Apportion to each Application
from (HW1) or (HW2) or (HW1 and HW2)Cost for the Type of HW (either HW1 or HW2)HW Type Cost / count of related Applications
STV11 (in HW1)£10001000/2 = 500
STV12 (in HW1 and HW2)£2000

2000/2 = 1000

(not 2000/2 for HW1 + 2000/1 for HW2)

BRE21 (in HW1)£10001000/1 = 1000
BRE22 (in HW2)£20002000/1= 2000

Any hints discussion, pointers please respond.

All the best