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2 Values getting passed in Document Chaining

Hi All,

I have a scenario, where I am having 2 qvw applications.

I am navigating from Test1 doc to Test2 doc using "Open QlikView Document" action in which I have only selected Transfer State and Open in same Window.

I have a field called Time Type which is having 5 values:


Fiscal Year

Calendar Quarters

Rolling 4 Quarters

Rolling 12 Months.

All of these are having respective time periods.

My requirement is when I am navigating to Test2, my selections from Test1 should get carried forward to Test2 and if there are no selections, then the max of time period should be selected by default.

To achieve this, I am using Field Level triggers on Time Type Field, which will select the max time period.

Issue I am facing here is I am getting multiple values selected in Test2. And this is happening only for Calendar Quarters and Rolling 4 Quarters only. And it is working as per expectation for Months, Rolling 12 Months and Fiscal Year.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1.Select Time Type as Rolling 4 Quarters

2.Max Time Period i.e. max of Rolling 4 Quarters will be automatically selected because  of the Field Level Trigger.

3.Navigate to Test2 Doc.

4.You will see 2 values selected for Rolling 4 Quarters.

and if you try to replicate the same for Months, it is working perfectly fine.

Please find the attached applications.

Need a solution where my selections from Test1 are retained in Test2 as they are.

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This is a very strange behavior.

Why am I getting 2 values of Time Period selected in Test2 Document.

Is this any version related issue??


Please find the attached Screen Shots of the Issue.

Selections in Test1:

Test1 Doc.PNG

Selections in Test2:

Test2 Doc.PNG

Also the version of QlikView is :


Creator II
Creator II



yes i am facing similar type of issue after QV12 upgrade. did you get any solution?