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2 questions on Trellis Charts

Hi all!

I just started playing with trellis charts a few days ago and have a couple of questions I couldn't find the answers to in the community:

1) Can I add a chart that shows the totals for the dimension I'm breaking into separate charts with the Trellis??

For example, see this (dummy data, 'hand drawn') chart with # of newsletter subscribers by territory.

I'd like to have the 4 quadrant show the total subscribers of all territories put together. Can that be done?


2) Can I have different axes scales for the different charts? As you can see, Rest of World could safely have vertical axis that max at 1000.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts


As per my knowledge, Trellis chart, Making the itteration of charts by using the dimension. Here  you are splitting them based on dimension values. Again you are showing total, that not other than normal view.

The scale may be depend on your values. I am not clear you got correct answer from my side. I shared what i know.




Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts

1) For your territories dimension enable show total on the Dimension Limits tab of properties.

2) The point of the trellis chart is to compare, thus the option for individual scales have not been implemented.

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Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts

Hi Johan,

Thanks for answering!

1. It doesn't work. What it does is indeed add a 4th quadrant but all it does is show one tall bar at the rightmost of the horizontal axis and no values at all for months.


2. Makes (some) sense

Thanks again!

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Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts

anyone ?

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Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts

1. Yes, create a new dimension in the script:

Load * inline [

TrellisRegion, Region

US & Canada, US & Canada

S. America, S. America

Rest of World, Rest of World,

Total, US & Canada

Total, S. America

Total, Rest of World


Now use the field TrellisRegion as dimension instead of Region in your chart as first dimension.

2. No, all subcharts in the trellis will get the same axis scale. The alternative is to create separate charts that each can have their own scale.

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Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts


Thanks a lot!

I tried it but got a garbage after statement error

(the names of the field and the values are a bit different in this model)


any ideas what i'm doing wrong?


Re: 2 questions on Trellis Charts


Try like this

Load * inline


TrellisRegion, "Team Formula"