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Contributor III
Contributor III

8x8 inputbox/inputfield in a straight or pivot table

I have read conflicting responses on various posts regarding whether the use of inputfield in straight/pivot tables is possible.  Very simple example... I want to create an 8x8 inputbox based on 2 dimension fields (Origin and Destination) where the user manually inputs a specific discount % for each regional combination and then a bunch of other tables auto-calculate based on this applied discount:


Orig/DestRegion 1Region 2Region 3Region 4Region 5Region 6Region 7Region 8
Region 153.0%10.2%86.0%35.9%73.8%99.2%11.0%36.8%
Region 261.3%66.1%87.1%88.9%85.6%28.8%48.3%58.8%
Region 372.5%28.4%52.3%45.6%61.1%88.0%56.2%66.8%
Region 435.3%83.5%62.2%21.9%39.7%10.0%61.5%37.7%
Region 589.1%28.3%27.0%40.2%69.5%51.3%2.7%24.1%
Region 626.6%65.8%82.6%53.5%23.7%93.9%63.2%73.2%
Region 723.0%55.7%40.4%10.3%68.6%25.7%36.9%13.5%
Region 857.9%56.8%20.1%80.1%23.3%69.7%89.1%76.9%

These blue numbers are just made up.  Users will need to adjust these as needed based on other criteria (such as highest volume, etc) and then other tables such as actual costs, savings, etc will update automatically.

1.  Is this type of mass input box possible?

2.  If the answer to 1 is yes, Does this require any sort of variable creation or would it function as is without variables? My initial thought was that I was going to have to create 64 separate variables for every permutation of region to region.  Thanks!


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Hi James,

There are several considerations.

1. Input box are created on the basis of variables, so if you use them, you will hardly manage without creating 64 variables.

2. As far as I know, on the whole it is recommended not to get carried away using Input Box, as this can significantly slow down the system. But this is a matter of a concrete case and it is unlikely that any extramural recommendation (without knowing your system) will be objective and useful.

3. In your case, decisive in choosing between Input Box and downloading from an external source, I would determine the convenience factor for changing the table data later by users. And this is true both for users and for administering your system.

It is necessary to determine, it is more convenient to use Input Box and all users to give access to application QlikView or create an external data store, give users access to this store, and then after changing the data, simply load the table into application QlikView from this store.



Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks Andrey.

Unfortunately, an external data store probably wouldnt help save any time in this case.  Users are tweaking these discount variables on the fly for potentially 64 different locations and they are seeking a quick and dirty way to take a snapshot of all resulting variables and their accompanying data tables, 1 by 1, and if they have to reload the app 64 times in a particular session, or export to excel 64 times before clearing selections and starting over, or utilize bookmarks (Saving snapshots on the fly before clearing selections)  etc.... all of these options take significant extra time. 

I am able to create a pivot table with 64 inputfields, (one for each location --> location) but as you mentioned, they will require the creation of 64 variables.  i guess I could test it to see if it slows things down---




Hi, James!

Yes, you'll have to create a 64 variables, link each one with certain inputbox, align them like a table and let users to play 😃

Also you can make a macro which will reload your project after any variable had inputed.