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A Different way of looking at Hierarchies

A different way of looking at Hierarchies:

Using the Qlikview hierarchy function and adding an innovative UX touch to visualization of hierarchies, I have put together the following visual for a new way of visualizing hierarchical data.

Looking at the hierarchy in it’s normal state, we see all the levels of a hierarchy, along with the metrics in the pivot chart to the right.

Also added are 2 buttons for Hierarchy Flow:

The Ascending, Descending functionality allows a user to view a particular branch of a hierarchy.

  • An Ascending view displays the hierarchy from the selected node, up to the root level.
  • A Descending view displays the hierarchy from the selected node, down to the lowest level  leaf node in that particular branch.

View by Levels

While ascending, descending allows a vertical view of a hierarchy,

the View by levels functionality, an analyst is able to view a horizontal slice of the hierarchy nodes, at a specific level or levels.

Selection of level(s) within a particular branch of a hierarchy allows further summary and a rollup by parent node. This powerful feature allows for a contiguous or non-contiguous display of a hierarchy structure,  allowing for a custom representation, rollup and reporting capability.

(See illustrations in attached document).

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Re: A Different way of looking at Hierarchies

A follow-up in understanding more about the Hierarchy Functionality... a YouTube Video.


QV Hierarchy - YouTube