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AGGR on Qliksense

Dear Friends,

I'm trying to make a table or pivot table on Qliksense using this expression but it doesn't work. I'm using this expression on Qlikview and works propertly. Maybe is not allowed this kind of expressions.

Thanks for your help

BEst Regards

IF(AGGR(SUM({<TIPO_METRICA={'ING'}>}Monto),RAZON_SOCIAL)>=vMinimaFacturación and



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Re: AGGR on Qliksense

Have you made sure that your two variables are present and show the same value?


Re: AGGR on Qliksense

The aggregation is expected to work the same way in Qlik Sense as in QlikView. In addition to stalwar1 comment about the variable value, the difference can also come from different selections or the data.

For clarity it would be great if you can elaborate on what result you actually see, as "it doesn't work" is a very vague symptom definition. If possible a QVW and QVF file would make it a lot easier to analyse what you are doing differently in QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Re: AGGR on Qliksense


IF(AGGR(SUM({<TIPO_METRICA={'ING'}>}Monto),RAZON_SOCIAL)>=$(vMinimaFacturación) and