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[ASK] Anomaly with concatenate function

Hallo dear QV users..

i have one or two question to ask.

I have a master table, and a concatenated table for transaction table.

Master Table field :

[Entry ID]IDMsDateQuantityType
MS-1103/31/13 12:02 PM192MS1
MS-2203/31/13 05:53 PM792MS1
MS-3304/30/13 08:12 AM0MS1
MS-4404/30/13 08:12 AM84MS1
MS-5504/30/13 08:12 AM336MS1

Transaction Table Field :

[Entry ID]TransTypeDateMonthYearMonthYear
MS-1MS Tes
04/30/13 12:02 PM

MS-2MS Tes04/30/13 12:02 PM42014Apr-2013
MS-3MS04/30/13 08:12 AM42014Apr-2013
MS-4MS04/30/13 08:12 AM42014Apr-2013
MS-5MS04/30/13 08:12 AM42014Apr-2013

Concanate script :



[Entry ID],

'MS Tes' as Transtype,

MsDate as Date,

DATE#(month(MsDate)&  '-' & year(MsDate), 'MMM-YYYY') AS MonthYear,

MONTH(MsDate) as Month,

YEAR(MsDate) as Year

resident MPRODPLAN;

I've tried without concatenate function, and there's nothing wrong.

But when i use concatenate, missdate are appears.

My question is :

Why date for MS-1 and MS-2 in transaction table are different?

And how to fix this?

Many thx before