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[ASK] Show Full Date by Week of Year

Hello QlikView..

i need a help.

i have a chart that show values of weeks per year.

Dimension is [Year]-[Week] (ex. 2013-41), expression is sum(Value)

But my first week (2013-1) is appended by  last date of desember (2013-1) that owned by 2014-1.

How to separate it and keep it show on my chart when i select 2013?

And also when i select 2014, it still show full 2013-1 that included last date of december?


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Re: [ASK] Show Full Date by Week of Year

There is a difference between Year(date) and WeekYear(date). For example, for 2013-12-30 you have the following:

     Year(date) = 2013

     WeekYear(date) = 2014 - since the day belongs to week 1 of 2014.

As dimension you should most likely use a field based on WeekYear(), e.g.

     WeekYear(date) & '-' & Week(date)

but for the selection, you should use a field based on Year(), e.g.

     Year(date) as Year


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Re: [ASK] Show Full Date by Week of Year

hello Henric,

thx for your help.

I've tried that just now, and the issue for last date is solve..but when i click year 2014, in my chart there's no the first week (2014-1) ..

How to solve that?


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Re: [ASK] Show Full Date by Week of Year


I acknowledge that prob you have..

But I would advise you to build your week no as Year(Date)&' '&Ceil(RowNo()/7) as WeekNo.

This should work.. Try n lemme know..



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Re: [ASK] Show Full Date by Week of Year

i try to create field WeekYearCal with weekyear(Date).

and i use set analysis {<WeekYearCal={"$(=max(Year))"}, Year=>}

And now i can see full week of year each week.

But my 2014-1 doesn't show when i select year 2013, it only shows in year 2014 and append to 2014-1 in 2014.

How to keep it show with full first week and still show first next year week in my current year chart? without split the data.

many thx