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AccessPoint Boolean Search


I am looking to understand if the field search capabilities on Qlikview Access Point reports support a style of Boolean search.

For example, my list has these 5 values


I can use the search function explicitly with pear.exe to return records with that file name.

I can use a global search of *.txt to return all records with apple.txt or orange.txt

I can use a concatenated search of plum.scexe pear.exe to return all associated records. Note the space used as a separator. This is a great feature with large lists and a string a space delimited values is parsed nicely!

What I can't do and where I am looking for help is to search with concatenated global searches.

How do I search and return for all *.txt & *.exe records?

I have tried the following without luck;

*.txt *.exe (space delim)

*.txt,*.exe (comma delim)

*.txt & *.exe (Boolean &)

*.txt + *.exe (Boolean +)

Is this even possible? I understand that this is more a developers forum, so if there is a better place to ask this question, please let me know.

Thank you,

John Cahill

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Re: AccessPoint Boolean Search

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Re: AccessPoint Boolean Search

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Re: AccessPoint Boolean Search

Awesome and quick. Thanks!