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Accesspoint showing No Preview Available Thumbnail instead of the Image

I have a qlik ticket open about this issue but I wanted to post here as well in order to see if anyone in the community has a solution to this. 

We upgraded from v12.0 to v12.4 and the Accesspoint thumbnail are not showing as expected for random apps. What shows instead is the default Qlikview No Preview Available thumbnail. I know this thumbnail can show if we save in webview but this is not the case. We never had this issue before with the previous version of QV. 


We have tried to save the document without a thumbnail and then resaving it with the thumbnail and then publishing it. This works but eventually the apps will randomly switch back to having the No Preview Available thumbnail. We changed the QvThumbnailCacheUpdateInterval in the settings.ini as suggested by support but this did not work either. 

Any ideas?

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Digital Support
Digital Support

David, the key question here is which option are you using for the thumbnail image?


This is likely why you have not received any comments, as really need to know which option is in play as that is going to dictate what else you will have to have in place for things to work properly.  If you are using an image, the path to the image needs to accessible to the service account for sure, not positive on whether the users also need access or not., and that file share should be very close to the QlikView Server as well in order to ensure reliable functioning, basically on the same Network Switch.

The only other thing of which I can think would be to put a hosts file entry in the QlikView Server machine that contains the information to get to the file share just in case you are having DNS issues etc., that should help alleviate those issues, but if the IP address may change, that is not going to be a good longterm solution, but it may help prove whether DNS is part of the problem or not.

Best I have for the moment.


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