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Accumulated YTD Growth calculation Month wise

I have two years of sales data. Now I have to calculated the month wise  YTD accumulated growth total and I have to view these in line chart or showing the growth trend. The growth formula is , Growth= (TY/LY)*100.

YTD Accumulted total means for month apr it will be , (TY Apr/ LY Apr)*100 

but for month of May it will be, (TY Apr+May)/(LY Apr+May)*100  in trend chart.

Please find the attached data. If anyone have any solution share here.

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Re: Accumulated YTD Growth calculation Month wise

Hi Koushik,

Can you elaborate more..what is LY,TY, YTD accumulated growth total ???


Re: Accumulated YTD Growth calculation Month wise

CY --> Current Year

LY---> Last Year

YTD accumulated growth total means in data see in apr 2014 the value product A is 200 and in last year means in Apr 2013 the value is 3455 so the value of growth will be 200/3455 i.e. 8.68 but we are calculating YTD accumulated growth total so we we want to calculate apr to may ytd growth total then for apr it will show 8.68 in trend but for may

the calculation will be , Apr 14 + May 14 sale i.e 650 and Apr 13+ May 13 sale i.e 3689, so the value of accumulated growth will be 650/3689 i.e 17.61.