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Adding functionality to macro for Excel export

Hello community,

I'm trying to export charts and tables to Excel with the macro provided in this article:


'// ****************************************************************

'// Export of multiple objects in different formats (data & image)

'// In one case (sheet "Sales Overview") two objects are placed on

'// one sheet.

'// ****************************************************************

Dim aryExport(4,3)

aryExport(0,0) = "objSalesPerRegion"

aryExport(0,1) = "Sales Overview"

aryExport(0,2) = "A1"

aryExport(0,3) = "image"

The macro works nicely, but I would like to also grab or set the caption of each object for the export so that I can place it above each chart in the Excel document.

I wouldn't mind setting it manually but of course it would be nicer to get the text directly from the caption.

Can I also use a text object and write it in a cell in Excel?

Any ideas how I need to modify above macro to include this functionality?

Thank you,