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Adding windows AD group to dashboard distribution list


We have 5 team members in dashboard development team and have 5 named licenses assigned to each of these team members.

We have a windows AD group for our team.

Now the requirement is, all team members should have access to all dashboards that we have deployed in access point (there are over 15 dashboards). Manually adding each team member to each dashboard would be so time consuming. So we tried adding the group name to the dashboard task --> distribute to qlikview server -->users. But this is not working. Team members are not getting to see dashboards.

Am I missing something ? or is it that qlikview will not allow adding group names to distribution list ?



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How about the file authorisation? did you check? Is it DMS or NTFS? If it is DMS you need to add the group in the Authorisation tab of the documents.


What is the Authorization tab of the documents ?

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Your licensing is taken care by means of a CAL, in your case that is the Named user CAL. But the OS level file security is left to NTFS i.e. Windows. If DMS, it is left to Qlikview.

You can add either AD groups or individual users to the Authorisation tab.


If you have only 5 licenses available and you have 10 users in the DL. The first coming 5 users only will get the licenses and remaining users will kept unlicensed.


Hello, I have a similar issue and have 1600+ user cals.. but the dashboards are still not visible to users inside the Distribution list but they visible to individual users i add, can you please help ?