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Aggr on Above

I am using a Straight table with two dimension and having an expression which is using previous row value of the same column. I am able to perform this operation using Above on the same column but I am not able to Aggregate this column and then take Minimum value.

I need to apply Aggr(For DIM1,DIM2) and Min on below expression:

If( VAL <0 ,(1+Alt(Above(Column(1)),0))*Val-1
,If( (1+Alt(Above(Column(1)),0))*Val-1 < 0

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Re: Aggr on Above

Best I have is a Design Blog post on the subject that may help:


If you want to do some further searching in this area of Community, here is the base link:



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Re: Aggr on Above

Not sure if i have understood correctly you wanted min based on Dim1?  if so you can try something like  


Min ( aggr( expr  , dim1))