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Alternate State with IF statement

Im trying to use alternate state so that my set analysis only responds to when I select DATE3 and not other dates. In my list box Date3 I have set the alternate state to date3 already and I have defined the alternate state in document properties. It doesn't seem to work when I select different dates in date3. What error have I made here? thanks

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Re: Alternate State with IF statement

Would you be able to share a sample?

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Re: Alternate State with IF statement

Sorry but my qvw contains a lot of sensitive information related to the company therefore I am unable to share a sample. But the main idea is to do Alternate States Date selection for 2 columns so that I can see the comparisons. These 2 columns are set analysis of calculated sums. Thanks very much

Re: Alternate State with IF statement

See if this thread help you address your confidentiality constraints

Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

If you are still unable to share, I only know a little bit about what you have... have no idea what kind of data model you have.... and have again very little idea of what the desired output will be.... I think I will let someone else help