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Re: Alternating Fields in Bar Chart



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Re: Alternating Fields in Bar Chart

hey Peter!
I considered this option.

However, I am not sure how can I in that case display, usernames that do NOT have corresponding First_NAME (Vorname) and Last_NAME (Nachname).

Is it possible to make an if statement in Sessions table that will consider this? If yes, can you please tell me how?


Re: Re: Alternating Fields in Bar Chart

The script example with MAPPING LOAD creates a new field in Sessions called Full_Name that will contain either:

  • the concatenation of Vorname + Nachname if Vorname is Non-NULL, or
  • the value of [Authenticated user] if Vorname is empty or NULL.

This is all done by the call to applymap(). The mapping table will not have any entries for users with a missing Vorname. Therefore the lookup will fail and applymap() will resort to the value of the third parameter.

So in your chart, just use Full_Name and everything will be fine


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Re: Alternating Fields in Bar Chart

You are completely right!
It works!

Thanks for your support