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Creator III
Creator III

Alternative States - subset of default selections

I would like to implement Alternative States in a form of comparative analysis, however all the examples I can find are not quite what is required. They always seem to allow product vs product but what I want is product vs subset of product.

In other words what I'm looking for is two sets, one being the default selection set of the document (easy enough) - and the other being an alternative state set which is the default selection plus any further selections from a series of listboxes / multibox.


using region / countries as an example - user picks 'Europe' from Region anywhere in the document and both chart A + B show Europe.

Region options of Africa, Americas, etc are not available to both the default and alternate charts.

User can then cycle view / drill down to country and pick UK in a list box. This will show in chart B while keeping all European countries in chart A.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Hope that example made sense!

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Re: Alternative States - subset of default selections

I think you don't need alternate states but I should work on expressions and dimensions:

In your first table try to check "Show all Values"

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Re: Alternative States - subset of default selections

I can imagine taht you have this camparision on one of your sheets.

If yes, you may:

1. copy selections from application into defined alternate state during sheet oppening (there is trigger for that).

2. user may do additional selections on that sheet in both states and investigate results.




Re: Alternative States - subset of default selections

See attached sample. Expression like:

= sum({$+[st1]<Country =[st1]::Country>}Sales)


Re: Alternative States - subset of default selections


You could do it like this:

  • Create a drill group with fields Region and Country
  • Create a list box using this drill group
  • Create chart A with Region as the main dimension
  • Create chart B with the drill group as the main dimension

This will allow you to drill down to the country in the list box. Chart A will follow the region and Chart B will follow the drill down.



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