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Another Rolling 12 Month Chart Question

I've been looking at the forums and reading various threads on setting up a chart that calculates on a rolling 12 month basis and I have two questions that I have not been able to figure out on my own.

I have attached a sample app and have two outstanding items I would like to complete:

  1. I need the calculation to work correctly when you click on one month.  Right now that is not working.  I've tried a few things but I can't seem to get this right.
  2. I only want the chart to show the last 10 months, but it should calculate the values for the full rolling 12 months.  When I use set analysis for this, I get 10 months displayed but the rolling 12 calculate properly.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Another Rolling 12 Month Chart Question

If you want to show only ten months in the chart with rolling-12 month values then you can't use the simple rangesum(above(.. construction. You can use an AsOf table instead. See this document: Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages or other aggregations

See attached qvw.

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