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Contributor III
Contributor III

Any Issue with in the set Analysis Exp for Aggregating the 4 individual sum

Hi friends, facing an issue with the expression in set analysis

In a Text box KPI for a Measure below is set analysis expression

Based on some Names in Code need to get the sum(Transaction) respective sum([Premium], [Payment], }>} [Payment Amount])

Expected: sum(Transaction) + sum([Premium], [Payment], }>} [Payment Amount]) but with below expression no data is been populating

If I use individually the data is populating.

'Total : ' &

NUM(sum({<[Business]={'HW'}, [Code ]={ ' Withdrawals', ' Promotion ',  'Payments'},

[Transaction Date]={'>=$(=vStartDate)<=$(=vEndDate))'}>} [Transaction]), '$#,##0.00')


NUM(sum({<[Business]={'HW'}, [Transaction Date]={'>=$(=vStartDate)<=$(=vEndDate))'}>} [Payment Amount]), '$#,##0.00')     +


[Transaction Date]={'>=$(=vStartDate)<=$(=vEndDate))'}>} [Premium]), '$#,##0.00')+

NUM(sum({<[Business ]={'HW'},

[Transaction Date]={'>=$(=vStartDate)<=$(=vEndDate))'}>} [Payment]), '$#,##0.00')

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There are a number of problems in your expression, but this should work:

'Total : ' & Num(

    Sum({<Business = {'HW'}, Code = {'Withdrawals', 'Promotion ', 'Payments'},

        [Transaction Date] = {">=$(=Date(vStartDate))<=$(=Date(vEndDate))"}>}

        Transaction) +

    Sum({<Business = {'HW'}, [Transaction Date] = {">=$(=Date(vStartDate))<=$(=Date(vEndDate))"}>}

        RangeSum([Payment Amount], Premium, Payment))

, '$#,##0.00')

If this does not work, I suggest that you upload your qvw or a representative sample.

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