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Apps dissapeared from the web interface

Hello!! All of our applications dissapeared from the web interface today. We can access them them in the application folder on the production server itself, but they are not showing up through the web for some reason. Please help!!!

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Have you changed NTFS permissions for the folder that contains files or the files themselves? Is there any chance that the users/groups configuration has been changed?


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The NTFS permissions did not change nor did the users/groups configurations. Do you have any other ideas? Thank you.

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MVP & Luminary


check "Mounted Folders" settings on the QVS - maybe the folder that contains your documents, is not listed there?

Do you know of ANY changes that were made to the environment - security, Active Directory settings, QVS settings, any software upgrades?

If none of this rings a bell, you should probably ask for a QVS expert who could connect to your system remotely and troubleshoot your environment. A call to the Support desk could also be a good idea...

Oleg Troyansky

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The 2 folders that we cannot see are located under the Mounted Folders.

There's only 1 folder that we can still see and that is the QVSharedLicensing folder.

The only change that was made was to the Processor Affinity setting but we changed that back to it's original setting.

Thank you Oleg.