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Contributor III
Contributor III

Are there restrictions on utilizing inputfield in straight table?

Just a general question.  Are there particular restrictions/scenarios where the inputfield functionality simply wont work in straight tables?

I have INPUTFIELD Field1;  entered before my main table load script.

I have that new field listed in the load script like this:  0 as Field1 (i also tried '' as Field1)

Loads with no issues.

and then i create a straight table with 1 dimension, and then 1 expression with inputsum(Field1) and no such inputbox arrow appears---it doesnt work.  Ive tested this in sample apps and it appears to work fine (IE, a simple test inline load with 2 fields and the input capability works)

Just wondering what the most common mistakes are that I may be making.  Something obvious im missing maybe?

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Re: Are there restrictions on utilizing inputfield in straight table?

Do you have Qualify Statement in your script? Can you share full script for that

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