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Arrow images in PDF

Hi all,

I have a QV with a straight Table an it. in this table i use these little arrows fond under images in the expression editor. p.e.



Fine at this point. Then I built a report with that table on it and want to send this Report via Mail as a PDF.

I can see the Images in the Report and in the Printout from the application. But when I create the PDF files with the PDF-Publisher there are only the string (tag) is shown in the table fields.

Any Ideas what can I do to see the Arrow also in the PDF?

Regards Alex:)

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Arrow images in PDF

You see this behavior when exporting the table to excel. I don't know if it is done as a step of the pdf generation.

It might be a configuration under the object's General Properties panel (Printing).

As a "work around" you may use arrow as a character: