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Associate two distinct dimensions

I'm going to try to explain my issue, but I know it will be a little abstract.  For the following table:

ProductCostInput Die

I want a bar chart that sums up the cost by product, but if there is an Input Die associated with the Product, I would also like to find that cost and aggregate it.  So, "Input Die" is not only a text attribute to "Product", but also a "Product" itself.  Ideally, I would have a bar chart with MSM9615 cost = $25 (because its Product cost is $20 and its Input Die cost is $5).

How can I do this?  Should I approach it in the chart expression or in the script editor?

Thank you!!


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Creator III
Creator III

I would handle this in the script by loading the table again, adding another column for the cost associated with the input die.  Something like:

LOAD Product,
FROM Table;

LOAD Product AS InputDie,
Cost AS InputDieCost
FROM Table;

Then you could create an expression that adds the columns together for your bar chart.