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Auto Refresh QVD

Hi experts,

I have the below explained scenario:

Source File = Excel

Qvd File : Loading data from Excel to qvd through the load script.

Qvw File: Calling the Qvd File in the Work Canvas to create reports.

Now My question is how will the Qvd File get refreshed each time when i reload the QVW file ??

I tried using the Buffer Load , but seems like its not working.

Kindly share your valuable thoughts on how to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.

2 Replies

Re: Auto Refresh QVD

Chain 2 reload tasks in QMC. So first the load script that turns Excel into QVD and then let the dashboard be reloaded when it finishes.

Or put the code the dashboard script to run before loading the QVD files.


Re: Auto Refresh QVD

Basically you define how and when the source data is loaded and therefore updated into the QVD files. If your application is big and consists of several QVWs (one with script only for extraction, another with script for transformation and another with script for binary/section access), you can do as Bram suggests, creating a chain of tasks in the QMC.

If it's everything on the same script, every time you run it it will read from the source, update the QVDs and then create the data model to be used on the dashboard.