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Auto fit columns to a data

How can i auto fit columns to a data after expanding columns in pivot tables?[8-)]

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You do it manually by double clicking on the icon that becomes visible when your cursor moves across the rim of a column.

The settings on the Layout tab of the table/field has a 'Size to Data' checkbox that should do this automatically. It might help to deactivate it, then press Apply and then activate it again.

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so, does it mean it can not be done automatically?

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The checkbox option should do that. You probably need the 'Allow Move/Size' activated as well.

As far as I know both options are activated on creation, so it should work from the start (theoratically).

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Manual - just right click and click "fit columns to data", this will fit all the columns in one go

Automatic - can be done through a macro




"Size to data" has nothing to do with column sizing, it only disables the white area outside the table if object it is sized larger then the table.

Contributor II
Contributor II


When I selected the option "Fit Column To Data" then the location columns are fitted well but the Data column also squeezed as you can see in the next table.


I tried all of these options in the Layout tab, but unable to figure out.


Please help me out.

Thank you in advance.