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Automatic Scale doesn't work

Hi all !

I'm trying to use an automatic scale in a Combo Chart.

I've got 7 conditional dimensions, and 8 conditional expressions. 4 of them have a left position scale. 2 of these 4 are shown in Percent, and their values often vary from 90 to 95%. That's why my final users ask me if it's possible to have a focus on this 5 points scale, instead of 0->100. But you understand that I want to make it dynamic. I chose a rate of 5% under and above the maximum values of each dimension.

First of all, I unchecked "Forced 0" under Axes tab.

I used these formula :

- RangeMin( <my_expression_definition> * 0.95 ) for Static Min

- RangeMax( <my_expression_definition> * 1.05 ) for Static Max

It only works when I have only one expression in the chart. I mean I had to delete the 7 other expression so that this dynamic scale is operational.

So I modified my scale definition to:

if(GetSelectionCount(<my_listbox_filter>) = 1, Range...( <my_expression_definition> * 0.95 ), 0) and added 1 of my expressions. It doesn't work.

Does anyone have any idea of what's missing ???

Many thanks !


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