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Average Daily Value

SAY MY expression IS sum(sALES)

i have a week cycle week ( so i need to divide by number of days in that week ) 

I have a half year cycle , so i need to divide by number of days in that year-half

Year cycle , i need to divide by number of days in year 

quarter cycle .. so i need to  divide by number of days in that quarter 

each is a separate expression for each cycle using a condition 

The latest period in year for eg has a few days as its not year end , that is the complication so i cant just say 365

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Re: Average Daily Value

It seems to me you need to create a master calendar with flags (0/1) for the various dates.






these flags should exist down to the day level so each day has a flag for every time period. then you can use a set analysis expression for each flag, and aggregate using avg.

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Re: Average Daily Value

Below is a link to a query I ran on the Design Blog that might be of help along with what the other posted provided:


Hopefully one or more of the posts may help you get to where you need to be here.


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