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Bar Chart Expression with Distinct

My bar chart are without dimensions, Hence in the expression I want to aggregate based on distinct values for a particular dimension for e.g.

Current Expression:

Sum(Tender Values)


I want to aggregate Tender Values based on distinct values for Tender Lines.

3 Replies

May be like this:

Sum(Aggr([Tender Values], [Tender Lines]))

Or you can try one of these also:

Sum(Aggr(Only([Tender Values]), [Tender Lines]))


Sum(Aggr(Avg([Tender Values]), [Tender Lines]))


Sum(Aggr(Sum(DISTINCT [Tender Values]), [Tender Lines]))


Sum(Aggr(Min([Tender Values]), [Tender Lines]))


Sum(Aggr(Max([Tender Values]), [Tender Lines]))

If you mean that  you would like to use an expression for each value of Tender Lines, then the best way is to use Tender Lines a a dimension. But assuming that there are a few, fixed values of Tender Lines, then you could use expressions of the form:

=Sum({<[Tender Lines] = {'first value'}>} [Tender Values])

=Sum({<[Tender Lines] = {'second value'}>} [Tender Values])


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