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Bar Chart x- Axis value

Hello All,

I am creating a bar chart and used dual function in each expression to show desired label on the bars. Also, I have used text on axis point option to show the sum value. Currently, I could see the labels are displayed in the x- axis also. But I wish to show the sum value in the x-axis. Attached a screen shot and Sample file for better understanding.


Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Bar Chart x- Axis value

I don't think this is possible like as you excepted . But you could change your expression for a better representation

Try this :

Dual('1'&'('&Sum([In Scope])&')', sum([In Scope]))

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Re: Bar Chart x- Axis value

I think it is not possible in chart but you can place 2 text boxes on x-axis & give expression - Sum([In Scope]) & sum([Out of Scope]) respectively.

Re: Bar Chart x- Axis value

Hi Avinash,

Thank you. That's my final option. I would like to know If there is any other work around for this.