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Bar chart based on RowNo

Hello, I'm using the class function to create dynamic groups. But it's not possible to format the decimals of the groups without losing the functionality. So I want to assign them a group number based on the RowNo() so, instead of the 9.9999 <= X < 10.11111 the user only see "Group 1".

This works fine on tables because easily you can hide the dimension column of the class function, but how can i do this on a bar chart? Have 2 calculated dimensions, one the class and the other one being the count or row number  and hide the first one?

Any ideas or this is not possible?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Bar chart based on RowNo


It is better to arrive as a field in script, instead of using Class or some other logic.  Please check the script below



     If(MeasureName <= 10, 'Group 1',

          If(MeasureName <= 20, 'Group 2',
           If(MeasureName <= 30, 'Group 3', 'Group N'))) AS Group

FROM Datasource;

So that now you can directly use this field as dimension, also doing this performance is also better.



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Re: Bar chart based on RowNo

The problem is that groupsare generated dynamically based on the measure value which is not static.