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New Contributor

Bar charts need bars to start from zero


I am using the below excel data

to generate the below bar graph using YTDDimType as the dimension and the green columns as expressions (bars with data points)

As you will notice, the last bar is kind of messed up. I'm dynamically calculating the min and max values for the axis by finding the min value for negatives in this case -1163.25 and added a buffer of the steps (calculated dynamically) so -1163.25 - 400 = -1563.25 rounded off to the nearest 100's gives (1600).


However, the YTDFID (-1005) and YTDOtherISG (-1163) instead of starting from 0 and plotting within the negative range of (1600) is placing them on top of each other thereby causing it to be (2168) which is out of bounds hence truncated at the bottom.

Could someone advise the best way to tackle this issue i.e. either be able to dynamically calculate max negative value to be (2168) so that the charts axis will be increased accordingly or any other way to resolve this. It has to be a bar chart

Thanks for your time and assistance.