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Batch file, macro and binary load


I have an application App.qvw which is generated by performing binary load of Main.qvw and other load statements.

And App.qvw has section access.

I need to periodically reload App.qvw.

I have taken followinng steps to achieve it:

1) Created a macrotest.qvw where i have written a macro to open App.qvw with username and password

2) This macro will open App.qvw, reload, save and close

3) Then it will save macrotest.qvw and quits the application

4) I invoke macrotest.qvw using the following command from the batch file

     "C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /l "F:\QV_Test\macrotest.qvw"

This works fine if App.qvw does not have the following statement

binary "Main.qvw"

If i include the above statement then it prompts for username while loading App.qvw

Please suggest and help..

Thanks in advance

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